Future Problem Solvers

FPS is an academic program that challenges students to think creatively, critically, and futuristically. Students work in think-tank teams of four and analyze issues facing society today and in the future using a six-step creative problem-solving process. Students target, solve, and create action plans for problems in writing, and showcase their work as dramatic presentations.

The FPS charter at Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy (HTEA) was founded by Sofia Alikhan and Kaitlynn LaNois in 2018. This involved a vast array of activities from laying the groundwork for obtaining a teacher sponsor and permission from the school to organizing teams, training students and judging competitions.

The HTEA FPS team went on to International competition in 2020. Since its inception, the charter has grown from one team to four teams in various categories of competition.

For more questions about Future Problem Solvers (FPS) charter at HTEA, please contact Sofia.alikhan@teachreach.org or Kaitlynn.lanois@teachreach.org.


Sofie and Katilynn Future Problem Solvers 1st Place District Competition 2017